Target Hardening and Retrofit Design

ESI Security Technology can perform design of target hardening, analysis of structural retrofits, and assessment of human vulnerability. For a given building structure, a certain security envelope, and specific business practices, a comprehensive analysis of personnel vulnerability and business continuity can be performed for the entire facility, and for each floor and occupied unit in particular. The software analyzes structure and human vulnerability, as well as human injury and life safety.

ESI Security Technology can identify vulnerable building elements that will most likely suffer structural damage and cause critical damage to the building and humans trapped inside. ESI Security Technology can also design, analyze, and recommend practical retrofits to the target site layout, building envelope and framing, and structural materials. Cost estimates can also be provided.

For this purpose, a proprietary computer modeling approach is used that identifies the most vulnerable components. Recommendations are formulated for hardening the vulnerable structural components against blast impact with maximum cost effectiveness. The process of evaluating the blast load impact on the building with recommended new site layouts and hardened components is repeated until the required blast resistance capability of the target building is finally achieved or maximized. A number of scenarios of alterations to the site layout, building envelope, and structural components can be considered and compared.

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