Combatant Security Expert System

Combatant Security software covers assessment of biomechanical and biochemical loads generated on aircraft pilots and land personnel who are wearing heavy helmets mounted with various sensing devices. The software is used for design of load mitigation measures such as neck supports and other protection devices. The software is used to address the following issues:

  • Systematic investigation of the mechanisms underlying neck pain and tissue damage.
  • Use of integrated modeling framework to assess required neck support levels and neck support architectures. This allows the designer to properly configure and optimize concepts by simulating and quantitatively investigating various loading conditions of candidate head/neck/helmet/support systems.
  • Design of neck support and other protection devices.
  • Dynamic modeling of neck support devices for studying the effects on the cervical complex.

Due to its flexible and modular architecture, Combatant Security Expert System can be expanded with supplementary modules that would enable modeling and design of protective devices for a range of biomechanical and biochemical induced loads on the combatants.

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