Blast Effects Analysis and Mitigation

ESI Security Technology can be tasked to perform comprehensive blast analysis services to assess the performance of critical buildings and facilities in the event of a blast attack. The objective of a typical study is to perform security re-substantiation analysis in order to secure the building or facility and its surroundings against blasts. Such a study will evaluate the overall security performance in case of blasts, and propose practical strategies to upgrade/retrofit the current structure and site layout to mitigate the effects of a bomb blast.

ESI Security Technology has successfully completed several projects on blast analysis and mitigation by target hardening including:

  • Airport VIP lounge
  • Foreign embassy
  • Nuclear power plant
  • Ammunition storage and weapon vault
  • Others

ESI Security Technology Division uses proprietary software package for modeling of blast and fire impact and effects on typical building structures. The package has built-in libraries of mitigation measures and associated blast models. The package contains various modules such as combined thermal and blast effect, structural retrofits and target hardenings, structural degradation due to consecutive and/or concurrent multiple blasts, human vulnerability, and others. The package uses blast-resistant design standards.

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